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The Wolf Pack Running Group is about so much more than running – it's about becoming a stronger, better version of yourself. We're all about the fun and friendships, but also inspiring positive change in your life. It's not all just crossing the finish line or collecting wins - even though that's definitely part of it - it's so much more. The goal is to see you become a better person all around by developing self-discipline, consistency, resilience, and strength in your life through running. Wolf Pack Running Squad is here to give teen runners a safe space to train outdoors together, provide accountability in training, and to build a strong youth running community.



Membership includes guided weekly workouts, training plan, and planned get-togethers. Membership is currently only open to runners with prior experience training with Coach Ash. New members will be accepted Summer 2024


Dues: $100

Registration Deadline: NOV 12

Winter training program will focus on maintaining speed, strength, consistency, and endurance between competitive sports seasons. 

Group Run Opportunities:
-Tuesdays & Thursdays | 4PM-5:30PM | Fort Yargo Entrance B
-Weekend Long Runs 1-2x per month

Planned Events:
*some events have additional cost
-Trail Race Dec 2
-Themed Holiday Runs
-Trail Race Jan 6
-Group get-togethers


SPRING// FEB 20 - MAY 14

Registration Deadline: FEB 18

Spring programming will focus on complimenting competitive sports with speed specific run training and explosive strength training. Emphasis will be placed on increasing power, acceleration, and turnover in runners.

Group Run Opportunities:
-2x weekly | 4PM-5:30PM | Fort Yargo (entrance TBD)
Planned Events:
-Road 5k Feb
-Road 5k Mar
-Group get togethers


Dues: $200

Registration Deadline: MAY 30

Summer training will focus on endurance and preparing the body for competitive Fall racing and other sports.

Group Run Opportunities:
3x weekly | 8AM - 9AM | Fort Yargo (entrance TBD)-

Planned Events:
-Intro to Mountain Run
ning Day in Clayton Georgia
-Group get-togethers
-Summer Campout @ Fort Yargo State Park

FALL// AUG 8 - NOV 4


Registration Deadline: AUG 6

Fall programming will compliment cross country & other competitive sports seasons by providing strategic and targeted quality workouts to increase speed and endurance.



No upcoming events at the moment

Want to sign up, but cash is super limited? We got you. Fill out an application to receive assistance from the Wolf Pack Fund. We're all about shattering financial barriers that could hold you back from chasing greatness. We're partnering with companies and generous folks in our community to hook you up with running shoes, spikes, quality clothes, running undergarments, race entries, and other gear. We want to have your back so that nothing stands in your way of you pursuing running. 



Hi! I'm Ash Walsh, or "Coach Ash" as many kids in the community call me.


My journey as a mom who is deeply passionate about running and guiding teenagers towards positive life choices has been profoundly influenced by the sport of running. I have been a competitive runner for 15 years now, but it wasn't always this way. When I was in the 10th grade, I vividly remember hearing about track tryouts. I real ly wanted to give it a try, because everytime I did a foot race as a kid, I won. I knew I was fast! However, my struggles with body image and self-esteem held me back, as I lacked the confidence to take that leap to try out. I was too intimidated to attempt it, and as a result, I missed out on a potentially life-changing opportunity! I've thought about that so many times over the years.

Shortly after deciding not to pursue track, I found myself falling in with the wrong crowd, setting off a downward spiral. I began partying, skipping school, and even turned to substances. My academic performance plummeted, and I even failed PE because I couldn't bring myself change out and run! Eventually, I reached a point where I ceased to care about anything, leading to a tumultuous period involving alcohol, meth, and a temporary dropout from high school (though I eventually returned and graduated).

Thanks to Jesus Christ and the support of countless individuals who cared about me, I managed to turn my life around as I entered adulthood. It was a lonely and arduous journey, but I persevered. I became a mother at 18, and then again at 21, and settled into a quiet life. But much like in my high school years, I began to feel a sense of boredom and lack of motivation. I recognized the need to intervene before I fell into negative patterns again. My sister stepped in and encouraged me to start working out and running. Running was initially challenging, but I stuck with it and, before I knew it, I had become quite proficient. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, I've competed in and won numerous running events, ranging from 5k races to 100-mile ultramarathons. Running has become a tremendous source of joy and purpose in my life, shaping my discipline, character, strength, and resilience. My passion for the sport led me to introduce many others to it, and I've lost count of how many people I've coached to become runners over the years. Sharing the sport with others is an incredible gift.

As I raised my own children, I recognized the importance of connecting them to a supportive community. Running and embarking on adventures became our way of bonding and spending quality time together. I made it a point to involve their friends in our adventures as well. During their childhood years, I organized campouts, hiking and fishing trips, and free trail running clubs in the summers to help kids discover the joys of the outdoors and running. As they grew older, I became involved in coaching kids in cross country, earning the nickname "Coach Mom." Besides just "MOM," "Coach Mom" has become my favorite title.

My passion lies in helping kids thrive through running and engaging in other enjoyable outdoor activities. I firmly believe that all kids can learn the sport and find a sense of community in it. Furthermore, I've observed that by providing kids with supervised fun and adventurous opportunities, we can reduce the likelihood of them turning to harmful activities. Kids need safe spaces to take risks, discover their zest for life, and grow into healthy adults, and running provides an excellent outlet for this. The character, discipline, consistency, resiliency, strength, and determination cultivated through running have a powerful impact on various aspects of life, including work, school, relationships, and self-development.

Over the years, I've "adopted" many kids and genuinely grown to love them as if they were my own. I am grateful for the opportunity to stand alongside parents and help nurture positive qualities in their children. To the parents I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for entrusting me with your kids, and to the kids, thank you for trusting me to be a positive influence in your lives. It's a gift I truly cherish and do not take lightly.


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