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Six Weeks of Speed for Trail Runners

  • 60Days


June 25 - Aug 8 In-person Times: usually Tues & Thurs @6p Location: Mostly Barrow Co Overview: Welcome to Six Weeks of Speed, an exclusive 6-week intensive training program for trail runners looking for a speed boost! Led by Coach Ash Walsh, this program aims to prepare athletes for peak performance in the upcoming Fall racing season by improving endurance, speed, strength, flexibility, technical skill, and mental strategy! Comprehensive Training Regimen: This program combines long runs, speed intervals, hill repeats, and lactate threshold workouts to improve both endurance and speed. It also incorporates three introductory mountain running adventures to boost fitness and confidence on the trails. Athletes will benefit from coaching observation on the in-person training days (typically Tuesdays and Thursdays) while in a group setting and additionally will follow a well-structured plan for alternate days. Athletes will train alongside fellow dedicated runners, fostering a supportive and motivating environment. The goal for all training sessions is "Work Hard, Play Hard"! We love to have fun and mix a lot of crazy in with hard work to keep athletes engaged and excited to come back. We want all runners to end their training block feeling strong, confident, and happy! We focus on not only developing good running habits, but also character & discipline. We stress good hydration and nutrition habits as well as being proactive with stretching, foam rolling, and proper form to stay injury-free. Our programs are designed on proven training principles. Coach Ash has a decade and a half of trail and ultra experiences, and a track record of helping athletes achieve significant performance improvements. Whether you're aiming for personal bests, preparing for college-level competition, or just hoping to get a little bit better with every workout, the six weeks of speed will be a great boost to help you reach your goals!

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